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Two things of interest for those who might be wondering:
[community profile] thefulcrum / [syndicated profile] thefulcrum_lj_feed
Some answers to questions that will probably be asked:
  1. Will you be cross-posting your LJ layouts on Dreamwidth?
    No. If you're interested in keeping up to date, you can follow the DW feed for the community (above), but be forewarned that feeds don't respect LJ cuts, apparently, so you'll get full entries on your friends page. If you're fine with that, add the feed to your reading list. (I will not be monitoring comments left on the feed posts.)

  2. Will you be providing tech support for people using your LJ layouts on DW?
    No. As per my policy for other journaling sites, you're welcome to use my layouts on DW but I cannot assist you with anything that might go awry in the process of installing a non-DW layout on DW.

  3. Why did you create [community profile] thefulcrum over here if you're not going to cross-post?
    First and foremost, I created it so that I would be in control over it on this site in case some enterprising young whippersnapper decided to snatch it up before I could. If for some reason I decide to do Dreamwidth-specific layouts in the future, they will be posted here as well. (Note: do not count on this for the forseeable future.)

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